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Pub cellar tool kit


Slack​​ – “The whole business runs on Slack. It’s a great way to communicate with anyone in the business, especially when organising events, sharing photos and content,” Pete Walker of east London’s Pembury Tavern previously told The Morning Advertiser (MA)​.

Untappd​​ – The social drinking app allows Kayleigh Thompson of Ei Group pub, the Tap on Tower Street in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, to scout popular local beers while letting brewers gauge how their drinks are selling.

Microsoft Excel​ – According to Jemima Withey of the Turks Head in Hasketon, Suffolk, the humble Excel spreadsheet is vital in her staff managing the GBPA-finalist freehouse’s cellar.

Rekki​​ – Rekki is a free app that lets you purchase from and chat with your suppliers, report issues and keep track of your order history all in one place. 

Any alarm app​ – “If we want a particular product that is hard to get hold of we will set an alarm on our phones so we’re ready to go online. It’s first come first served with various people.” Sam Cornwall-Jones of the Drawing Board in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire – winner of the Best for Beer category at the 2019 Great British Pub Awards – previously told The MA​.

Phone​​ – “The danger I’d have thought with using too much internet is that you’re not talking direct to people anymore, which means it’s harder to negotiate. If you’re trying to get a good price, if you can speak