Sturdy Washing Machine Stands To Move Your Appliance Easily – Times of India

Do you also hate it when your washing machine leaves marks of rusting? Though rust and corrosion do not impact the functioning of the machine (unless it is intense and long-standing but it does have a telling effect on its outlook.

A washing machine stand not only gives you the option to move your washing machine around but also provides it ample protection. Besides, many of these come at a very pocket-friendly price, making it easy on your pockets. This little investment can save a lot of your money and relieve you from the tension of your washing machine getting eaten away by rust, corrosion, and other naturally caused environmental factors.

Take a look at our top picks of Washing Machine Stands available online in India:

The Smart Shelter Multi-functional Movable Adjustable Base is a high-performance product that is easily adjustable as well. You can put your dryer, washing machine and even refrigerator on this multi-functional base easily and safely. It has a maximum weight limit of up to 80kgs and is easy to assemble. The trolley comes with a button-type lock that can be operated without the need for any screws.

This adjustable dolly has rubber swivel wheels that make moving heavy objects a breeze, and the eight rear locking wheels ensure your furniture will not roll.

The Irkaja stand is capable of accommodating washing machines, refrigerators,