7 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Disinfectant Spray – Reader’s Digest

How do you properly disinfect a surface?

To first clean, sanitize, and disinfect a surface means you have to properly know your products. “Your best bet for thoroughly sanitizing any area of your home is to clean first and then disinfect,” Janus says. “There are many products that clean and disinfect in one, but I prefer to use a product specifically meant for whatever surface I’m cleaning (for example, bathroom spray on bathroom counters) and then use a dedicated disinfectant on the cleaned surface.” Sometimes, you might what to hire a professional to clean your home. However, these are the 9 things professional house cleaners aren’t allowed to clean

There’s a certain method to how you clean, too. It’s not as haphazard as you might think. “I recommend cleaning clockwise and top to bottom, alternating between cleaning and disinfecting,” Janus explains. “So for example, I’ll clean my bathroom sink and counter, spray it with disinfectant, and then move on to cleaning my shower. When the shower’s clean, I’ll spray it with disinfectant and then go back to dry off the sink and counter, etc.” If you’re taking these trips out on the road, here’s how professional house cleaners can tell if a hotel room is clean.